Hedge Fund Tips - VideoCast - Episode 31. The Next Sector Rotation...

I've just recorded my 31st weekly VideoCast (21st Podcast) on Stock Market Commentary and Weekly recap. You can watch the VideoCast if youre sitting OR listen to the Podcast if youre on the run:





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This week's VideoCast/PodCast covers:

  • 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Top 5 Stocks making up ~25% S&P 500
  • Fox Business/Yahoo! Finance/WSJ Commentary
  • BofA Global Fund Managers Survey - Summary and Implications on Positioning
  • Value vs. Growth
  • Staking to where the puck is going. What sectors are next?
  • 5 Sectors that could enjoy relative outperformance moving forward.
  • AAII Sentiment, CNN Fear and Greed.
  • NAAIM Active Investment Manager Positioning
  • Dividend Yield to 10 Year Yield
  • S&P Stocks above 200DMA
  • China Revovery
  • TSA Airline Data
  • Earnings: Energy, Defense, S&P 500
  • AMA Question of the week: Using Open Interest Clusters to determine "Max Pain"

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